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27 06 2009

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Well later



Happy St. Patrick Day

18 03 2009

Happy St. Patrick Day everyone!!!!

The Party ends today so hurry up and have fun!!!!!

PS: As I was tying this, the store I live next to just got robbed!!!!!! 😦 😦



13 03 2009

Lemme know if you think this is funny! 😀 funny-picture11


10 03 2009

I am a new author!!!! Here is some stuff about me:

Penguin’s name: Withyoually

Age: 12,                Birthday: October,1996,

I have a Girlfriend on Club Penguin,                 Penguin Age: 763,

I have 66 buddies on Club Penguin.

Always stay positive and always work hard! Anything could happen!!!


Big News!!!

8 03 2009

Hey everyone!  Guess what?  I’m going to stowaway on Rockhopper’s Ship!  If you want to come with, let me know and we will arrange everything on Club Penguin!  Wish me luck on Rockhopper Island!



22 02 2009

Hello!  It’s me!  sorry I haven’t posted all week.  I’ve been skiing.  but here are the new authors!!!

Cannon Pair



Congratulations!!! 😀 

PS I need your guys’ emails 



13 02 2009

Since I’ve been lonely, I’ve decided to add authors!  You must have a WordPress and E-mail.  Here’s the ultimate Club Penguin Test!

1. True or False, the Sensei built the Mine

2. In order to become a ninja, you must be a black belt and _______________

3. Who made Club Penguin

4. What puffle can catch fire

5. How long are you on the computer

1 hr, 2 hr, 3 hr, 4 hr